Welcome to dorothypavey.co.uk

Welcome to dorothypavey.co.uk

Dorothy Pavey specialises in watercolours of English gardens, country waysides and woodlands.

Her interest in plants and flowers gives the focus for her work and inspired by the beauty of their setting she paints these subjects in their natural habitat or in gardens, creating a sense of place and atmosphere.

Watercolour is the medium she has chosen as this allows her to capture the delicacy of plant life, along with a sense of movement and light. Her distinctive style combines detail with fluidity, and the result is one of beauty and serenity.

Inspiration is largely drawn from the Cotswolds where Dorothy lives, with its abundance of wildflowers contrasting so pleasingly with the mellow natural stone. Other special places she paints are the Lake District, Devon and Dorset, and South Africa.

The paintings range from miniature and small paintings, drawing the viewer into an intimate corner of some delightful location, to expansive views of whole borders and wider scenes.

A range of high quality prints is available online through this site - click on 'Limited Edition Prints' at the top of this page and follow the links to view the whole collection.  If you are interested in original watercolours please follow the contact details and arrange to view them in person.